(f.l.t.r.): Daniel Schramm, project manager Welcome Center Ostwürttemberg at the Heidenheim location, Steffen Kohnle, Head of the Welcome Center Ostwürttemberg, WiRO Managing Director Nadine Kaiser, District Administrator Peter Polta, WiRO Supervisory Board Chairman and District Administrator of the Heidenheim district, Michael Sünderhauf, Community Manager at DOCK33. Image source: Tobias Mayer

Welcome Center Ostwürttemberg enters its third funding phase - New additions to the team

East Wuerttemberg region, April 25, 2024.

The Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft mbH Region Ostwürttemberg (WiRO), based in Schwäbisch Gmünd, is now implementing the Welcome Center Ostwürttemberg, which was established in 2020, in its third funding phase. With financial support from the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labor and Tourism as well as the districts of Heidenheim and Ostalbkreis, the cities of Aalen, Ellwangen, Giengen, Heidenheim and Schwäbisch Gmünd, the East Wuerttemberg Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Ulm Chamber of Crafts, the project is being implemented in partnership with Aalen University.

Since April 2024, the Welcome Center Ostwürttemberg team has been strengthened by Daniel Schramm. With his office in the coworking space DOCK33 in Heidenheim, he will intensify activities in the district of Heidenheim in particular.

“The employment of international skilled workers and the topic of welcoming culture are an important part of securing skilled workers for our economy in East Wuerttemberg. With the expansion of the Welcome Center team, the activities of the Welcome Center Ostwürttemberg can be significantly strengthened and expanded. The office location in DOCK33 offers ideal conditions from which to address the district of Heidenheim and the target group of companies and international skilled workers with appropriate advice and events,” comments Peter Polta, District Administrator of the district of Heidenheim and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of WiRO.

Steffen Kohnle, Head of the Welcome Center Ostwürttemberg, sums up the work to date: “Since its launch in 2020, the Welcome Center Ostwürttemberg has established itself as a central point of contact for international skilled workers and companies in the region. In the coming funding phase, we would like to expand the range of services. East Wuerttemberg is the region of talent and patents and offers ideal conditions and career opportunities. We want to convey this message to potential skilled workers both regionally and nationally.”

Nadine Kaiser, Managing Director of WiRO and sponsor of the regional project, emphasizes: “The Welcome Center Ostwürttemberg will continue to play a key role in increasing the attractiveness of the region for international skilled workers and meeting the needs of companies for qualified personnel.”

With Solveigh Gauditz at Aalen University, Daniel Schramm at DOCK33 in Heidenheim and Steffen Kohnle at WiRO in Schwäbisch Gmünd, three full-time employees are now looking after the interests of international skilled workers and the regional economy.



contact data:

Steffen Kohnle

Head of Welcome Center Ostwürttemberg

Tel. 0049 (0)7171 92753-24

E-Mail: kohnle@ostwuerttemberg.de


Daniel Schramm

project manager

Tel. 0049 (0)7171 92753-31



Solveigh Gauditz

project manager

Tel. 0049 (0)7361 576 -1705



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